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Common Credit Card Processing Scams Exposed!

What every business owner should know about merchant account providers...

Welcome! Thousands of business owners claim to have been approached by a credit card provider promising significant savings of processing fees, only to learn later, to their horror, that their fees increased profoundly. Moreover, they claim to be trapped for 48 to 60 months in a pernicious terminal lease, along with egregious account termination fees if they wish to change processing companies. We have investigated many of these claims and are now publishing what has been uncovered. We viewed flagrant misrepresentations of pricing and equipment schemes resulting in shocking financial losses to small businesses. Many claims were so pernicious that business owners were driven into serious debt or even out of business. These actions appear grossly pervasive affecting hundreds of thousands of businesses nationwide.

Introduction: Fraud in credit card processing is costing small business owners a lot of money.

Take a serious look at the following videos documenting the full nature and extent of this penetrating investigation! Some unsuspecting sales agents filmed above were seriously duped into making flagrant pricing cost misrepresentations with their affiliating company and have since left that employment.


The 1% and 0 Scam: Payment Systems

The 1% and 0 Scam: Payment Systems


Terminal Leasing Sets the Stage: Northern Leasing

Terminal Leasing Sets The Stage: Northern Leasing


Disentangling the 1% and 0 Scam: Part 1

Disentangling The 1% and 0 Scam: Part 1


Disentangling the 1% and 0 Scam: Part 2

Disentangling The 1% and 0 Scam: Part 2


The Lease is the Ultimate Enabler

The Lease: The Ultimate Enabler

Ironwood Payments 

Ironwood Payments

Misplaced Card Scam

The Misplaced Card Scam: Securus Payments


Perverting Interchange Plus: Wholesale Payments

Perverting Interchange Plus: Wholesale Payments


Merchants Choice

Perverting Interchange Plus: Merchants Choice


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Why This Documentation from Merchant Services Fraud Alert Association
is Uniquely Important to Small Business Owners Accepting Payment Cards

The thousands of complaints registered online from small business owners across the country alleging fraud by processing providers all seem to bear two intense emotive elements. The first is bitter anger. The anger articulates an alleged malicious misrepresentation of complex pricing and equipment costs that are not easy to understand and verify. The second element seems to be frustration -- with being unable to document the alleged fraud with evidence to back up the verbal claims of long gone sales agents.

Some very well informed blogs and websites have pulled together useful data about these alleged frauds, even grading many processing providers according to posted and researched material contained therein. A particularly useful website is hosted by Phillip Parker.

We have gone a major step further in fully authenticating sales presentations using video and audio recordings to document and certify exactly what the sales agents are claiming. We have written documentation by the hands of these sales agents supporting their verbal claims. We have written documentation between the processing providers (and their sales agents,) and certain leasing companies called Vendor Agreements which detail 'who' -- which party -- is responsible for leasing fees in the event of misrepresentation and/or fraud on the part of any processing provider. While we are not a law firm nor do we give legal advice this information is important to know.

We have made available in our video links detailed information and documentation of many of the sales schemes used to mislead business owners regarding pricing and equipment fees and costs. These online videos are just a small portion of what we have accumulated during our investigations. These can all be made available to any business owner who may need and can use them. That includes full and complete length versions of videos and audios posted online here.

If you are a business owner who has not been disadvantaged by any of these schemes, watch and learn for your protection. Knowing the reputation of a processing provider is certainly useful. Knowing how to recognize specific misrepresented price and equipment schemes protects against anyone from any company offering you these deceptions. Another website you might find particularly useful is CardPaymentOptions